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Beachcomber Art -Photos of Found Objects

beachcomber art photos found objects

Jennifer lives in Maine and you can say that she has elevated beachcombing into an art form. She hunts for treasures and creates beautiful beachcomber art, taking photos of found objects. She arranges her finds in a compelling an harmonious way that look vaguely scientific, and she also tries to identify each item. This can require research in marine biology, glass-making history, geology, chemistry and other disciplines. She writes, "I am particularly interested in the intersection of science and art, whether at the scale of an engineered landscape or at that of a carefully composed still life photograph." Her beachcomber art is a collection of curiosities! Head over to her store (link below) and explore. It is truly amazing.

Buy Beachcomber Art Photos at Quercus Designs.

Artist website: Jennifer Booher

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